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o8 May 2008

Dear George,

I just returned home from a Faerie Festival in Pennsylvania where I was speaking ( on hospitality in the Faerie tradition ) and found your package waiting for me. How can I find the words to describe how I feel about these wands...they are among the most beautiful things I own. The quality and power of the carvings is exceptional. The animals practically come to life, leaping, flying from the end of the wand when held with intention. The face of the wood spirit on the hazel wand is wise and fascinating, wonderfully rendered. When you hold the wand, he seems to speak. Ive also noticed that the energy of the wands shifts depending on which way you hold it...they are suited to both sending out and bringing in if you take my meaning. And they are wonderfully comfortable in the hand either way. I looking forward to "getting to know them" better as the years go by. Really, I can t tell you how impressed I am with your work. As you ve likely seen, Iv e ordered a few more pieces from you. These are to be gifts for special friends.

In these days when fine works done by hand are few and far between, I am honored to make the acquaintance of such a talented artist and fashioner of wonders.

My sincere thanks and blessings to you, Man of Arte.

Best wishes,

                 ( A B,   Michigan   USA )


13 January  2009 

Hi George,

I am writing to let you know that the wands arrived on Saturday afternoon and we were delighted to actually receive them in time to consecrete and bless them during our esbat celebration that night.

Though your pictures were very good, the reality of them is something far better than any picture could convey.We could'nt be more pleased.

Thank you again !

Brightess Blessings,

Elizabeth   ( New Hampshire,  USA )



24 September 2009

Dear George

just to let you know that the wand arrived safely yesterday and I am absolutely delighted with it ! thank you so much.It is beautiful and feels so very powerful.

Thank you again.

Blessed Be

Caroline    ( Cheshire, United Kingdom )






31 October 2009 

Dear George

I have just this morning received the Shaman Faery wand.I have to say that it is truly one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen! thank you so much!

My aim is to work with the Fae and animal spirits for healing, protection and communication with them, which is why I was drawn to it.

Thank you and my very best regards,

Lisa   ( Geneva, Switzerland )




11 January 2011

Merry Meet Dear George,
i have been blessed with the most wonderful and thoughtful dearest friend who gave to me for yule, your beautiful 'owl mystique' wand,  crafted by you with such love, and i wanted to write and thank you from my heart, for creating such a beautiful, magical, powerful, and spiritual tool.
i have always felt a strong and deep sense of love and spiritual connection for sister owl, living in the heart of the chiltern hills surrounded by ancient woodlands owls have been constant companions and a cause of delight and inspiration to me from childhood,  after finding your site online, i fell in love with your wands, esp. owl mystique
learning this my friend ( Mary Ann ), unbeknown to me, so kindly brought her for me as a special gift for yule.
the moment i unwrapped her i felt an instant and deep love and connection, so powerful it brought tears to my eyes...a wonderful feeling when those emotions are of connection and magical and spiritual oneness and joy and that is what i felt
..your gift george is goddess/god given and you honour your craft and our creator and her creatures with your beautiful work..thank you for my beautiful owl wand, she, and the wood from which she is made, have become my deepest and most loving spiritual Ali and friend, she will be my constant companion on my spiritual mystical path..brightest blessings always
Jacqueline   ( Oxfordshire United Kingdom ) 
21 January 2011
Hi George,
     My new wand "fawn" arrived safely yesterday and i want to say how absolutely  delighted
and happy I am with "her".
     You have captured the likeness and character of the deer so perfectly in your carving.  It is
a truely amazing gift you have, to be able to carve so much beauty into wood.
     My wand is so beautiful and I am so happy "she" has come into my life.
     Thank you so much  and bless you.
             Bright Blessings
                    Mary Ann    (0xfordshire  United Kingdom)


 5 October 2011

 Hi George, just letting you know that my wands arrived safe and sound yesterday. They are soooo beautiful, i truly love them. You are right about the lovely twisted apple wand, the grain is beautiful and i love that the bark is still on the rowan.  I would hug you if i could,
Love and hugs,
Kellie,   ( QLD  Australia )

10 March 2012

Thank you for the wand that arrived this morning. It is really a stunning piece of craftsmanship. A simple exquisite, you have a very rare talent.


  ( Grimsby Lincolnshire  United Kingdom )




 8 May 2012

 Hi George,

With much delight I report receiving Raven, in good condition.

Oddly, or perhaps not so surprisingly, I felt it was Raven through the packaging, even though I was expecting another similar shaped item that was mailed much earlier. I felt a certain energy, you could say.

The photos on your site don't do justice to your work (no offence to the photographer!). Raven looked great on your site, but it's hard to put in words how wonderful the actual piece is. Your work shows loving care and art, and I'm grateful. When I first ordered, I felt the price was right, but after receiving Raven, I can assure you the value is beyond currency. Thank you for your inspired work and very kind attention. In a word -- Magic.

Keep me in mind for any future Raven work you develop. I'd love a wearable raven pendant or something like that if you take commissions, and I collect Raven. 

                   D A,  (Ontario Canada)

9 June  2012 


Weaver of Dreams came, and it is beautiful! The pictures absolutely did not do it justice. It's a much more substantial piece than I imagined; for whatever reason I pictured something rather thin and small. The owl handle is truly amazing, and the level of detail far surpasses anything I have ever seen before. I even love the finish; it's got a beautiful but natural shine to it and will obviously protect the wood for a long time to come. My only regret is that I did not order it sooner! By the way, thank you for wrapping it so securely; it was hard to get into, but the wand arrived undamaged and that's saying something because the mail carriers here tend to destroy anything they can.

Thanks again!
Chris,   (Texas  USA) 


23 June  2012 

Hello George,

The Wand arrived here yesterday,   EXCEPTIONAL  !!

I already thought it absolutely marvelous when I saw the pictures, but no picture would be any good to show the beauty of this Wand. Exceptional might not be the right word for this Wand, because I believe there are no words.

The feel of the Wand is also perfect and holding it it feels as if I already own this Wand for years. The funny thing is that the Grimoire I'm working out of advices a Wand which reaches from finger tip to elbow. It literally fits me perfectly, as if some sort of Magick was at work while you created it.

The Wand also makes me think a little of a double Wand of power and I will probably using the head of the Dragon for banishing and the end of the Wand for invoking. Which will probably will be the right thing to do, but I'm not sure yet. I first have to see how it feels.

Thank You!

Mario,     (Limburg   Netherlands)

8 July  2012


Just wanted to let you know, my new Hawthorn wand came today. It's stunning, and the photos really did not do it justice! I've never seen Hawthorn so glassy smooth, and the owl carving is incredibly life-like. It's just what I wanted, and thank you very much for making it for me. Both of my wands are pieces that I will treasure always.

Thanks again!
Chris    (Texas   USA) 


17 July  2012 

Package received. It's absolutely magnificent!!!
You Sir, are truly an artist. I am honored to hold
your work in my hands.

Best of fortunes,
Keith,     (IL   USA) 


24 April 2013

Dear George,

I am so happy to tell you that the beautiful wand I bought from you arrived safely today. I am very very glad that I found your website. Having one of your magical creations sitting here in my sacred space, feels very wonderful indeed. What an artist you are! Thank you!

And thank you for sending it to me so quickly and so safely. I appreciate everything about your work....from your beautiful and very easy to use website (the wand is so true to the photos you show on your website) your most helpful writings about the trees, wood, magic. Then how quickly you sent my order and how absolutely wonderful the wand is. Thank you!

All Joy to you George and I'll be sure to pass your website details on to people I know.

Happy days,
S A,  (Ingatestone  Essex  United Kingdom)









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