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                                                                        Native American style,  Healing branch Flute Arte

Branch flutes crafted for healing and meditation, for that soulful sound that  you hear so often , "playing from the heart " you play what you feel inside, with meaning or maybe for enjoyment expressing a happy time, look around you and play what you see in nature, believe and it will happen.

My flute  "path " started some years back when I got a strong calling to make these sacred tools, and amazes me still to this day, the joy I get from each creation. When you hear that first sound you know, you have been blessed to share in the construction of this sacred craft, and a blessing to the spirit guide that has " touched your mind " ,  tread softly  " Hawk ", the stars will always shine ,  from your eyes.

                The Branch

All of the flutes that I craft are cut from the limbs of trees , brought down from windstorm or old age. branches are cut and the wood is blessed, ritual offerings are left in respect for the tree. None of my wood is taken from the ground, the insect nation has nearly always made a claim to it, and we all need a place to call home. All the branch wood I harvest , is then left to season well before it is used.

                 Flute Construction

All my flutes are built on a split case construction that is , splitting the branch through the middle corring out the insides of the two halves, to the depth required , and cutting sound holes ect ,  before gluing the two halves back together again. The construction of a native american style branch flute or a more elaborate wood turned style has many different ways of constructing, through to the  final tuning and cosmetic finish.My flutes are totaly hand crafted in the old way , with a lot of intent. All my flutes are tuned with a chromatic tuner in a temperature of 72--75 F , on a 6 hole pentatonic modes 1&4  hz440  tuning in woodland style.

                 The Style of the Branch

A lot can be said about the style of flute I craft ,  although , still a branch section I like to stylise the mouth end, using end caps , turquoise inlays and shaped mouthpiece ends ,also the cosmetic finish, that being tung oil / bees wax finish to a high lustre finish using finishing oil all non toxic and very rewarding to the wood, or you might see a plain branch with no thrills, the bark may be left on or some taken off depending on the wood used, but stil singing sweetly in its own voice.The beauty is there in the eye of the beholder.

                  Windblock and Totem animal styles

The list can be endless from animals / antler / bone / small branch ends, everything has meaning ( example ), an Owl windblock on a Hazel branch flute ( meaning ), wisdom and a divine source of vision  ---- "  energy always follows thought. "  ----  The ties ( wraps ) that hold the windblock to the flute can be leather lace style or shamois leather fringed with woven insets on the wraps.All to suit the style.

                  Wood being used for craft work

Most wood thats native to the UK, there are some I like to use more than others ----Rowan , Elder , Hazel , Silver Birch , Ash , Scots Pine  and Larch,  all depending on what I have in stock at the time of crafting.

                   Summary  for now

As you can see there is a lot to write about the branch flute, this is just a brief layout of the way I craft them , I dont make to many through out the year , being hand crafted they are time consuming,  and I do have other commitments in my craft.

                           BE BACK SOON WITH MORE INFO AND TIPS 






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